The newest addition to the Branson by Silver Dollar City, Fireman’s Landing

Silver Dollar City Firemans Landing

If anyone has been to Silver Dollar City during the summer when Kid’s Fest is going on, one of the park’s busiest places was the massive four story ball park complete with cannon’s, contraptions, and more.  As this area of the park has aged and lost its popularity with newer family areas and rides added in recent years, Silver Dollar City has turned to this part of the park as an area to expand its themed attractions.  The newest edition of the park is Fireman’s Landing, which is scheduled to be opening spring of 2015.

Silver Dollar City has invested over $8 million into their new addition to the always growing park which will include 10 new family centered adventures.  These adventures consist of 6 new rides, and 4 areas of interactive fun for the whole family.  With Silver Dollar City’s theme centered around the history of the 1800’s in the area, Fireman’s Landing is a perfect complement to one of the important jobs of the era. Volunteer firefighters in the 1800’s were one of the most important jobs in towns around the Ozarks, and the new area of the park brings this part of history back to life.  On top of perfectly incorporating the new edition of the park to the overall theme, growing up one of the most popular heroes of every elementary school classroom are firefighters. An already existing “Hero” factor for the younger guests paired with fun rides for the older crowd this part of the park will sure to be a hit with everyone that walks through the gates of the park.

With the addition of Fireman’s Landing to Silver Dollar City, the total amount of the park’s rides and attractions now totals over 40 making it an even bigger dot on the map for theme park enthusiasts and families.  The new rides names include Fire Spotter, Fire Wagon Frenzy, Roundabout, Up the Ladder, Fireman’s Flyer, and the most anticipated one FireFall FireFall is an 8 Story tower free falling drop that will ensure to be an exciting ride for the bigger kids in the park.

Attractions that are for the whole family will be the Firehouse Splash Yard, Firefighter’s Fire Drill, an obstacle course rightfully named Fire Escape, and the Junior Fire Escape for the little ones.

With the newest edition to the park, it will ensure the park’s ever growing crowd will have another area to have family fun and explore while enjoying Branson and all it has to offer!